22nd of January 2018


Manchester, UK
Meeting venue: Room 8 of the Manchester Central Convention Center.

Co-located with HiPEAC 2018 (

Workshop description

The project SAFURE targets the design of cyber-physical systems by implementing a methodology that ensures safety and security "by construction". This methodology is enabled by a framework developed to extend system capabilities so as to control the concurrent effects of security threats on the system behaviour.

The current approach for security on safety-critical embedded systems is generally to keep subsystems separated, but this approach is now being challenged by technological evolution towards openness, increased communications and use of multi-core architectures.



Agenda-HIPEAC conference Workshop

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  • Safety and security – towards a combined approach for mixed-critical cyber-physical systems
  • Modeling and analysis of Mixed-Critical systems
  • Security Risks posed by Temperature Measurements in Mobile Platforms
  • Secure Update for the Mixed Critical Systems
  • Worst-Case Timing Analyses of Ethernet in SymTA/S
  • Real-time Ethernet in Automotive Systems
  • Deterministic Ethernet Security
  • Secure CAN communication
  • Real-time Ethernet in Automotive Systems
  • Ethernet Modelling and Worst-Case Timing Analysis as a Tool Solution in SymTA/S
  • Deterministic Ethernet Security
  • Secure CAN communication
  • Application of novel and existing information flow models/policies
  • A Practical Methodology to Tightly Upperbound Contention in COTS Multicores
  • METrICS: a Measurement Environment for Multi-Core Time Critical Systems



Robin Hofmann and Dr Borislav Nikolic, Braunschweig Technical University (